Threshold between Civilization and the Wilderness, Jodhpur opens the gates onto the great Thar Desert.

Known as the “Blue city” due to the blue colour of several of its houses, Jodhpur is home to one of the most stunning forts I have seen in India. Meherangarh.

The Meherangarh Fort in Jodhpur is one of the most spectacular in India

So stunned was Rudyard Kiping by this spectacular fort that he called it the creation of fairies and titans!

Meherangarh is one of the largest as also one of the best preserved forts in India. For more on Meherangarh, click here.

Jodhpur is also where you can take your children to see the black buck to the village of Khejarli where the Bishnoi people worship wildlife. The place where the shooting of a black buck by actor Salman Khan allegedly took place.

Image result for black buck
This is Blackbuck Land

When you are in Jodhpur be sure to tell your children the story of Amrita Devi and her legendary sacrifice! To know more about that, click here.

From Jodhpur you can visit local villages, watch local craftsmen, eat local food and get a sense of the life of the ordinary people of Marwar.

Many of these locals offer clean and comfortable home stays. Here’s a local home we visited. The children enjoyed eating food cooked on a chulha and typical village life and homes.

Cooking meal.jpg


village life.jpg

We visited a village near Khejarli where friendly locals invited us inside and fed us a great Rajasthani meal cooked on the chulha. My children got a sense of how the family of weavers lived in a village and even joined them in some mat-weaving. It was a unique experience.

For more on our experience visiting villages near Jodhpur and what my kids learnt there, sign up for my site. I’ll keep you posted.

And did you know Jodhpur almost became a part of Pakistan? Had it not been for some tact and skill of two men, it would never have been a part of India! To know more about that, click here.

Find out about all these interesting stories and more right here. And share them with your children when Jodhpur beckons!

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