“Meherangarh Fort is one of the grandest sights in India…the work of angels, fairies and giants”

Rudyard Kipling

If I had to name the most stunning and best maintained Fort in India, without batting an eyelid, it would be the Meherangarh Fort of Jodhpur!

Forget Jaipur and Udaipur…according to me, this is the pride of Rajasthan! And the Pride of India!

How unfortunate that most tourists who come to Rajasthan head either for the Pink City of Jaipur, the Lake City of Udaipur or the Desert City of Jaisalmer!

The workmanship and architecture in Meherangarh is stunning!

Should you wish to show you child Rajputana glory – the Meherangarh Fort in Jodhpur is where you should go!

Until about three decades ago, this fort was in the same derelict condition that dozens of other forts in India find themselves in.

In 1972, the Oxford-educated H H Maharaja Gaja Singhji, decided to set up a Trust to restore the Fort to its glory. The impact of that conservation effort can be seen today as one walks around the stunning interiors.

The Fort was restored in 1972. Its interiors give one a glimpse into the lives of the Royals

Constructed in the year… , By Rao Jodha, after whom the city of Jodhpur is named, the fort has been the seat of power for over 500 years.

This fort was constructed and ruled over by a clan of the Rajputs called the Rathores who claim to hail from the line of the Sun i.e. Suryavanshi Kings. 

In fact Meherangarh itself means ‘Fort of the Sun’

Blue city
The sandstone walls rise to a height of 120 feet and are 70 feet thick. One has spectacular views of the city of Jodhpur from here.

Inside, you will find the path leading to multiple buildings. All filled with artefacts and items of interest…each one telling a unique story.

You will find curious artefacts like cribs used for royal babies and palkis used by the royal women. They all give a glimpse into the life of the royals in the bygone era.
If your child is interested in Weapons and Armoury, there is a whole section in the Fort Museum to feed that interest.

The Fort is so well restored and preserved that one almost expects a member of the royal family to emerge from some door or room!

In many ways, it appears to be a living Palace.

Unlike in many other forts and palaces in India, information about the artifacts and the history of the Fort is well written and neatly displayed all around the Fort. Friendly ushers in colourful turbans chat with visitors telling them curious snippets.

Friendly ushers in colourful Rajasthani turbans at the doors and well-curated and written content about the Fort and artifacts on the walls makes the visit more fulfilling.

If you really wish to make the most of your visit, I would recommend highly that you read up about the Fort and its History before you go. I would also recommend that you hire a guide when you are there…so that you can make the most of the experience.

We hired a guide who turned out to be very knowledgeable and well-read, adding greatly to our experience.

And if you still need a reason to entice your child to visit the Fort, here’s one that might make them take the bait.

Meherangarh has been the fabulous setting of many movie scenes. Including the famed The Dark Knight Rises of the Batman Series by Christopher Nolan. Want to know more? Click here.

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