Wilderness is not a luxury; but a necessity of the human spirit

As vital to our lives, as water and good bread.

Edward Abbey

Whether you’re on a lofty mountain peak or on a pristine desolate beach, you will agree that the heart rejoices in Wilderness!

There are a Hundred Reasons Why you should be taking your child into the Wilderness. Condensing them into Ten…here’s the list…

1. Appreciation of the Natural World

One of the greatest opportunities you give your child when you visit the Wilderness, is to connect with Nature.

In a world that is becoming more and more digital and virtual, one needs to make a special effort to connect with all that is real and natural. To see the world as it is in its natural state, devoid of human intervention and scientific advancement.

Seeing the Spectacular Night Sky is a delightful experience. Particularly for city-bred children who can hardly see that twinkling carpeted dome.

2. Humility

When one stands before a Mighty Glacier or Mountain, overlooks a Forested Valley or the Vast Ocean or just gazes up at the Star-lit Night Sky, one realises how insignificantly small one is in the vast web of life.

One of the many lessons Nature teaches us is to Stay Humble. A valuable lesson for life!

Beaches - Pristine - Marawande
When one sees the vastness of the World around, one realizes how small and insignificant one really is.

3. Taking Life Easy

The Planet has been around for millions of years. So, have the Rivers and Mountains and Oceans.

Our lives are short…very short in comparison. Everything we fret and fume about only a slight ripple in the vastness of Time. Nature teaches us how fleeting and small we are. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. It whispers to you not to take Life too seriously.

Its not a big deal to rank last in the class. Not a tragedy that your team lost the match.

Things fall into perspective when one can appreciate the vastness of the Universe. You may think children are too young to understand this. But believe me…they understand far more than we give them credit for.

4. Appreciating the Circle of Life

Spending time in the Jungle, one sees how deeply everything is connected with everything else.

The Trees with the Birds and Animals, the Animals with One-another, the Forest with Water, the Seasons with Life. Understanding this Circle of Life, helps one realize that we are all connected and depend on one another. Nothing or Nobody is more or less important.

5. Respect

Life in the Wilderness is hard. Plants and Animals struggle to survive.

Watching a bird find its grub to carry to its nest to feed its young while doing its best to protect them from predators, is a lesson in how much we humans take for granted.

Moreover, human beings who live in mountains and forests also have a hard life. When children get to see that, they realize they have much to be grateful for.

Kids crossing bridge in jungle.jpg
These children live in the fringes of the jungle and risk their lives to go to school.

Children learn that life for them, is, in many ways far easier than it is for most others.

It will ultimately help them realise that the little things they complain about are really no big deal at all!

Again, there is no need to drill these lessons in. Children learn far more from experience and observation than they do through listening to sermons.

6. No T­­elevisions No Phones!

Remote places in Mountains and Jungles do not have television, internet or mobile signal.

While I hold nothing against these modern gadgets and technologies, one knows only too well how urban children today are completely hooked to them, having little ability to watch and observe quietly or keep themselves occupied without them.

Being in the Wild gives one an opportunity to spend time just observing and discovering other interests…a truly enjoyable experience.

tv remote watching.jpg
Living without TV and Mobile Phones can be a liberating experience for you and your Child

7. Environmental Science and Conservation

School and College Curriculum today contain a mandatory component of Environmental Science.

No lesson from a text book though can teach a child as much about Nature and the Environment as the real experience of getting out and being there.

The Child also learns the need and importance of Conservation when he/she values and enjoys being in Nature as opposed to merely parroting something from a book.

Environmental Science.png
No Classroom or Textbook can teach your Child about the World like being in the Wilderness can.

8. Roughing it Out

Life is not always easy or luxurious. One may have to rough it out, manage with less and face hurdles.

Trips to the Jungle or Mountains can be arduous and difficult, involving long hours of walking, climbing and trekking.

One may need to camp in the open, without toilets, hot water and a kitchen.

One may have to make do with whatever accommodation is available. Being in the Wild equips your child to deal with all of this.

Experience all kinds of Accommodation.jpg
Living in simple basic accommodation can be both a joy and a learning experience for kids.

9. Out is where we’re meant to be!

From homes to classrooms and creches to day cares – urban children are compelled to spend all their time within brick walls.

No other creature closes itself for so long within artificial walls and children too have a natural inclination to be outdoors.

Its wonderful to be out in the open with the cool breeze kissing your face and the sun(if its not too harsh) upon your shoulders. Let them get that doze of Vitamin D. Step out and discover the Wild!

Children love it outdoors.jpg
We spend far too much time indoors. But children love to be outdoors.

10. Discovering Paradise!

And finally…what better a reason than to give your child a taste of Paradise? Its great fun to be out there in the Wilderness. And that is the most important reason to be out there!

Few of us who have grown up in cities know what it feels like to have no light or hear no noise.

Spectacular Night skies like a carpet of shining stars.

Mornings so clear and the air so clean that it’s hard to believe. It is a remarkable experience to out in the Wild. Opening out whole new horizons.

No words can describe the wildnerness.jpg

Whichever way you look at it, a holiday in the Wilderness will be something memorable for you as a family and from which your Child will learn and grow.

So, think no more. Select a destination and head for the Mountain or the Beach, the Desert or the Forest.

Whether it’s the White Snow you like or the Golden Beaches you enjoy, India has all that and much much more!


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