Travelling around India can be thrilling! Travelling around India can be a chore!

Travelling with kids can be joyful! Travelling with kids can be a disaster!

While there is no one formula to ensure a smooth journey, travelling around India with Children is definitely an eventful and adventurous experience. Something I have done extensively and love to do.

I love to take my children to different places and discover India together with them.

Together we’ve been on multiple Road Trips (sometimes covering over 2000 kms!).

Together we’ve visited Epic Historical Sites and seen Magnificent Natural Wonders. Hiking Trips. Bird-watching Trips. Road Trips. Luxury Trips. We’ve done all that and much much more.

As a mother of two boys, I understand what it takes to travel with children. Having lived in India all my life, I also know what it takes to travel around the country. There is much I have learnt along the way and much I’d like to share.

Destination Ideas. Travel Tales. Travel Tips. And More.

KK calling the waves
Through Travel, Children learn much about the World. More than a Classroom can ever teach them.

Travel enriches your life and that of your children. Opens up new doors and horizons.

India, the world’s oldest living civilization has many lessons and joys to offer. Put the two together and you have what it takes to make memorable holidays.

So tuck into your seats and get chugging along on India Travel Tales 4 Kids.

I promise it shall enliven your Travel Experience!

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